Its all about ME 😉

A lovely photo of Paul fro BR1 Web Design

​That's me, Paul

​Hi, my name is Paul and that's me in the picture with the upside down head.

As you can see I am not a twenty-something entrepreneur who thinks he knows it all after reading a couple of blogs.

Neither am I a retiree who needs a hobby or a manager who passes on the work to another freelancer.

I am a 40 something ex-Managing director of a local heating company (with a shop), IT manager and Marketer.

I am also a nerd and embrace technology and attention to detail.

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​My Background

​Over the last 20 years I have worked my way through every part of running a business from yard sweeper to delivery boy, shop assistant, stock manager, payroll clerk and accounts, customer service, engineer scheduler and engineer eventually ending at Managing director responsible for more than 50 employees.

​Throughout that time I have developed software to manage the business and websites to promote different parts of the company including an e-commerce website.

​During the last 10 years I have marketed the company with email,SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and even, in the early days, fax!

I have also implemented best practices and processes of follow-up, review management and tested nearly every form of Marketing available.

​How does that help YOU?

​Over the years I have tested, tried and sometimes failed almost process and marketing practice you could think off (except TV).

And yes, I have failed, but learnt from those mistakes so you don't have to.

My experience allows me an insight in business and marketing SME's that most web developers lack.

What can I offer?

​Get in touch for a chat about your new website ...

​What I can't help with.

​Nobody can be great at everything so there are some things I don't provide myself. In these cases I can recommend others who can help.

  • Print media
  • Affiliate marketing

These are specialist fields so rather than pretend I can do everything, I will point in the direction of the professionals in each case.

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