Understanding You and Your Market.

​Getting to know you and your products and services ​to identify and understand your customers. The first step in a successful website.

​I want to know about YOU and YOUR Business.

​In order for your website to generate leads, and ultimately customers, it needs to be found by them in Google searches and communicate with them effectively.

This means the words, design and content of the website should be designed with this in mind.

Before I start on the design or content of your website I spend some time talking with you to understand the products and services you offer, how you currently communicate with your existing customers and what your ideal customer looks like.

​How does this information help?

​Differences in your target customers such as age, income, family size etc. will result in a different approach to the structure and content of your website.

For example, if you are a heating engineer and your current customer base mostly live in flats, you would want the majority of the information to be about combination boilers (ideal for flats) rather than hot water cylinders (usually found in family sized houses).

Once I have an understanding of you and your customers I can identify the specific words that your customers use to find the products or services like yours.

With these keywords, I can then create content for your site that Google will know it should put in front of potentials customers to attract them to your website.

​How Google can Help You

More visitors from Google


Relevant content


More chances to get more customers.

​Get in touch for a chat about your new website ...

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