​Ongoing Support For Your New Website

Getting your website built and put online is not the end of the process.

In addition to the site maintenance over the life of your website, I will also maintain and optimise the content.

A website should be monitored, kept up to date and updated as your business changes and grows.

The internet is constantly evolving, and so should your website.

Take the recent need to have your website look good on mobiles.

Many websites built even as recently as last year suffer from looking old and tired as the web changes around them.

Too many website are launched and then forgotten meaning their performance and impact is reduced, and in the case of mobile friendliness, they may even be ignored by Google.

This is because Google now indexes the mobile version of a website first, so if it isn't mobile friendly, it isn't indexed or shown in the search results page.

Test, test and test again.

Marketing involves a lot of testing so I keep an eye on the performance (visitors, conversions etc.) of your website and tweak the content, offer suggestions for additional pages or changes that will improve the rankings on Google and therefore help bring more visitors to your site.

​What you can expect from my ongoing support.

​In other words, what you don't have to worry about ...
  • ​Any new content added, by you or me, is checked for the keywords and SEO benefits as well as its performance on Desktop and mobile.
  • ​I use Google Analytics, and SEO rank tracking to keep an eye on your page rankings (the position of your pages in a Google search) and the source of your traffic.
  • ​If you use any social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, I will help with integrating them with your website.
  • And finally, if you choose my Silver or Gold packages, I will suggest and create additional content, pages or site updates as you need them.
  • ​I backup your website and store them away from your site for added security and protection.
  • ​All my websites in include paid-for security plugins to make sure your site isn't hacked.

​All of this is done for you saving you time to get on with converting your leads and serving your customers without worrying about learning and implementing your websites essential maintenance.

​Get in touch for a chat about your new website ...

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