Get a website that works for a living

I create great looking websites that get you more ​leads.

​What do you want your new website to do?

​If you are looking at getting your first website or replacing your existing site for your business there are 3 mains points you should consider -

  1. Does it look attractive to your potential customers?
  2. Does it look attractive to Google (or any search engine)?
  3. Does it pay for itself by ​helping visitors contact you or purchase your products or services?

If your website doesn't do all 3 of the​se then it has failed and is just an expensive online leaflet.

​​The websites that I create are visually attractive, Google friendly and designed to encourage your customers to ​do something of your choosing.

In this way, your website becomes an asset to you and your business rather than an expense.

​​​​How can I create a website that ticks all the boxes?

Marketing and business experience are the main reasons I create websites that work.

​I have ​more than 10 years experience in marketing small businesses whilst also managing a company with more than 50 employees. I had to ensure that we got a steady supply of fresh customers to grow the business. This allowed me to hone my skills in design, web development and digital marketing.​

​What you ​can expect from me ...

​Getting to know you

​Your website will reflect you and your business so I spend time getting to know you and how you operate.

Understand your market

Understanding who your ideal customers are and how they operate allows me to tailor your website for the people that matter.

​Knowing Google

​Google literally holds the key to your website.

If it a site does not follow their rules, they will not show it to any potential customers.

​Search Engine Friendly

​Recognising how search engines, like Google, view and index your site can make or break a website.

​​Great Design

​​There is no excuse for a badly designed website. ​My designs are a ​balance of modern design, useablilty,  performance and function.

​Mobile ​Compatible

​Googles ​says that more than half of your websites visitors will look at it on a small screen so it must perform just as well as a desktop.

​​​A Good Home - Hosting

​Having your website live on a fast and secure server means your website visitors spend less time waiting for the website to load and more time browsing.

​​​​Website Maintenance

​All websites need ​to be maintained. I manage it all for you including regular backups and updates.​

​​Ongoing Support

In addition to looking after the technical side of the website I also keep an eye on the content, search rankings and SEO to ensure your website if doing its job.

​Get in touch for a chat about your new website ...

​Here's what my customers have to say ...

"Paul has helped me get a website exactly to my specification and was more than happy to accommodate the changes I needed since it was launched. A great service and I am very happy he was recommended to me."

Bob, Wilson Financial Management

"After an initial consultation, BR1 gave us a full working brief. They managed everything and their efforts have resulted in better performance, more information about website visitors and comprehensive reporting on website activity."

Martin, i-bit

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