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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and what can it do for my website?

​​SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation" is the process of making your website attractive to Google, so easily indexed, and to visitors. Primarily through a combination of website tweaks, and content creation.

​What does ​SEO do for my website and Business?

​​If your website does not get any visitors, either from Google, Social Media or just referrals it is a waste of money and needs to be fixed.

​​Once ​optimised, it should be found at the very least by potential customers searching for your company name. And when they visit your website, it should be easy to navigate, clearly explain your services or products and encourage them to take action, such as contacting you.

Get this first step right and it will start making you money with new customers.

But there is more it can do.

​Ideally your website should appear in general Google searches for the products or services you supply.

​When that happens, as long as it is correctly setup to present your products or services properly and encourage visitors to get in touch, the costs of maintaining and growing your website are easily covered by new business.

​But how does SEO ​​​Make my website Profitable?

​Broadly, ​It consists of three ​main stages:

Stage 1. On-Site or Technical SEO

This first stage is designed to optimise your website to ensure there are no reasons for Google to ignore or penalise your pages in its ranking.

  • ​The website is checked and optimised to load as quickly as possible
  • ​The design is tested against all screen sizes to ensure it's layout is mobile-friendly and fast.
  • ​​The structure and linking of the pages on your website are checked and optimised for Google to be able to understand the content and structure and for visitors to be able to find the information they want as quickly as possible.
  • ​The code behind the pages is optimised to help Google identify the core topic for each page so it can easily decide when to display your pages in a search result.
  • Optimise the content of each page on your website to ensure each page ​is not detailing multiple products, services or topic and that the structure of your website is easy for Google to understand.

Stage 2. On-Site Content SEO

Next new content is created to enable your site to be found for more related searches. The more content you have, you more chances you have of Google presenting in the search results page. Also, Google likes active, regularly updated websites.

  • Analyse your competitors to identify what search terms they are ranking well for.
  • ​​Create lists of keywords and phrases based on our competitor analysis, article ideas, products and services..
  • Create new pages, posts, blog entries or articles detailing each of you products or services and answering any questions your customers might have.
  • ​​Each page should be comprehensive and related to one topic.
  • ​Create internal links between pages to help Google understand your pages and site in general.

Stage 2. Off-Site SEO

​Lastly, external factors need to be implemented, checked and managed. These give Google an extra level of understanding and relevance of your website.

  • ​Claim and optimise your Google My Business Listing.
  • ​​​Add your site to relevant business directories.
  • ​Create social posts to re-use and promote your content and business.
  • ​​​Create articles on sites such as Medium and LinkedIn.
  • ​​Promote and encourage linking to your website from relevant, quality websites (backlinks like these are sourced once you have a decent amount of content).

​prices and options.

​The following prices are my standard packages but if needed, I can create a bespoke solution on request.

All prices are charged monthly (ex. VAT)


​All the basics covered



/mo + VAT

  • ​SEO audit implemented
  • ​GMB optimised
  • ​6 articles per year
  • ​Quarterly report

​The works



/mo + VAT

  • ​Everything from Silver
  • ​New website - up to 15 pages
  • ​Email list management
  • ​Monthly email

That's a lot of work. Is it really necessary?

​Unfortunately, if you want your website to be found in Google searches, yes.

Every new website is starting with a disadvantage as more established existing websites will already occupy the high slots on the Google search results page but this should not be seen as a reason to give up or not try in the first place as even a new website with quality content can, over time, find a place in the higher Google slots.

​Even if it is not optimised and registered from the very beginning.

And you can do it yourself. I have a blog post that goes into a bit more detail and recommends some additional reference material to help you get started - How To Get To The Top Of Google Search And Stay There. 

​If you are serious in getting your website to the top and have the time to learn SEO and regularly add new content then I applaud you as it is a skill you can apply over and over to any new ventures, services or businesses you start.

But, if you don't have the time or interest then there is another option.

The benefit of working with an SEO expert.

​Having someone do it for you fixes the two most import aspects - knowledge and consistency.

A good SEO professional will start with an analysis, then provide a plan of action, implement that plan and report on the progress.

So unlike most designers, as a digital marketer AND website creator I know what needs to be done to give a new or existing website the best chance of ranking and if you want to really knock the competition off the top slots, such as :

  • All the technical on-site requirements are completed during the building of your website or retrospectively to an existing site.
  • The content is written ​to make Google and your visitors take notice and action.
  • I create your Google My Business Listing to help you get higher in the local searches.
  • I register your website with Google Search Console so we can manage and see what Google is doing with your website in its index.
  • I link Google Analytics to your site from day one so you can monitor the improvements over time.

 I can complete monthly SEO tasks like the ones listed above to make the difference between page one and page 5 or more.

​Get in touch for a chat about ​SEO ...

​What other options do I have?

If you want more visitors and more importantly, more customers directly from your website, you have two choices:

​Paid ads on Google

​Create ads and landing pages for Google to display at on its search results pages and partner sites


  • ​Immediate response.
  • ​Highly targeted


  • ​You pay for every click, no customer
  • ​Complex to setup and maintain
  • ​Can be VERY expensive
  • ​You have to know your numbers
  • Leads stop if you stop paying


​Paid ads are great for quick results and work well for high value items that are easy to target.

It provides a level playing field against larger competition.

BUT, it is costly, it stops when you stop paying and requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Google ads system, landing page design and funnels otherwise it will cost more than you make in sales.

​​Organic SEO Listings

​Optimise your website and content to encourage Google to show your pages on the Search Results Listing


  • ​Relatively Easy
  • ​Reuse the content everywhere
  • Lasts a long time
  • ​Easy to identify what to do
  • ​Can be DIY
  • ​Compound results


  • ​Takes a long time
  • Needs to be regular


​SEO takes time and is not guaranteed but the effort is spread over the long time period and the results are compound and increase over the time taken to implement and beyond.

It is a good investment and ideal for services that are lower cost or varied.

​SEO helps by attracting a broader and more varied audience that may be in different levels of the buying process.

Any time spent on productive SEO is never wasted.

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