​Google Tools

​Google provide a number of tools to help get your website displayed at the right time to the right audience.

​I take care of all the technical details on your behalf and make sure that your website will appear in relevant searches buy using all the tools and test Google provide such as ..

Google My Business

Registering your website and Business with Google is a must.

By adding details such as location, opening times, the products or services you offer to Googles listing saves Google getting that information from your website, which can be hit or miss, and means Google will display your details to relevant searches.

This is especially important if you are a local company.

It also allows you website, company information, pictures and more to take up the whole top part of a search for your business, enforcing the trust a potential client is looking for in you.

Google Search Console

The search console is a tool google provides to test your website and its content.

It's results are aimed at helping get a website higher up the Google search and also make sure that nothing on your website prevents Google from displaying your pages.

Whilst it does not actively help get your website seen, it does ensure there is nothing technical or otherwise that Google might not be 100% happy with, eliminating and potential problems.

Google ​Analytics

Marketing is based on data. Any online marketing, from your website to Ads will leave a trail through the internet.

Google Analytics allows us to see the source of your website visitors and the pages they look at on your website.

Whilst you don't have to see this information, it is used to see what marketing is working, what parts of your website are the most popular or which bits can be improved.

It is free, managed and supplied by Google and provides masses of information which I sue to make sure your website performs at its best.

​Pagespeed Insights

​Google takes the speed of your website very seriously.

So seriously that is has its own tool to show you how Google ​rates your loading speed on both mobile and desktop.

​Whilst their tool is only an indicator of how Google actually perceives your website it is a good starting point from which to test changes and improvements.

It is specifically harsh on the mobile versions of most websites as that is often the version that google indexes emphasizing the point that a mobile friendly website is not optional any more.

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