How to Claim, Create and Optimise your Google My Business Listing.

And how to get into the Google Maps 3-pack and stay there.

​What is Google My Business (GMB) and why should I care?

​Google My Business is their version of the old Yellow Pages but with a modern twist.

Whenever a person searches on Google for something and includes a location (such as a town or even just the words "near me") Google will display their local 3-pack map.

Googel 3-pack example search result

​In the screenshot above, I searched for "Hairdresser in Bromley" and Google returned a selection of local Hairdressers. In the map, the listed businesses have pins showing their location. The other local hairdressers are shown as red dots. They missed out on being in the listing this time.

​Google decides which businesses to show in the 3-pack in the split second it takes to return the search and bases that decision on a number of deciding factors.

Only Google knows the full list of factors it uses and how much influence each factor has on deciding if your listing makes it into the top 3 but, through testing and a general understanding of Google, there are a few things that any listing owner can do to improve their chances of making the Google grade.

​Why should I try to get in the 3-pack?

  • ​Because it is a listing put in front of local customers looking for you products or services, right now.
  • Because, Google will show the list with or without you. Do you really want to give away all the prospective customers to your competitors?
  • Because, your competitors are probably in there already or will be soon.
  • Because it is FREE

​So how do I get my listing in the 3-pack?

​​There are 2 ways you can try to get your company in the local search.

​Option 1 -

  1. ​Download my free pdf guide (fill in the form below) or click here for the online version.
  2. And work through the steps to create and optimise your listing.
  3. Then work through the extra steps to sort out your website.
  4. Then make sure you keep everything up to date.

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​Option 2 -

​Get someone else to do it for you.

I create and optimise your GMB listing as part of my website creation or refresh package anyway but if you are happy with your website, I can complete the GMB creation part for you or create your GMB and 10 citations.

If you want me to work on your webiste, we should have a quick chat first so get in contact.

​Full Google My Business listing

​Stages 1 & 2

​£ 48.00

​On your behalf, I will ...

  • ​Claim or create your GMB Listing for one location.
  • ​​Optimise your GMB Listing for one location.

Secure Payment.

​Most Popular

​Full google my business listing & 10 citations

​Stages 1,2 and 4


Everything from FULL Google My Business Listing option PLUS ...

  • S​elect the top 10 citation sites for your one location and industry.
  • ​Register and complete all 10 citation listings.

Secure Payment.

​FULL Google My Business listing, 10 citations, a new website & more

​Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

​​Price On Application

Everything from FULL Google My Business Listing & 10 Citations option PLUS ...

  • Google friendly website.
  • Mobile friendly, response website.
  • Align with your GMB Listing.
  • ​Update​, redesign or create a new website.
  • And much more.

​Don't forget, you can always download the guide and get started, you don't HAVE to get someone else to do it for you but often, when you look at how much your time is worth, having it done quickly and by an experienced web developer, might make more sense.

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