​Business advice for Small Business Owners

​General bite-size information, advice and tips for running a small business.

​Looking for easy to digest and actionable advice on running a small business? All the tips that no-one ever told you about being in charge of your own business. Helpful guides and information to get your business running smoothly and take a bit of the pressure off your shoulders.

​​Your Customers

​Converting customers, keeping customers, getting more from you customers and having them sell for you

​Your Business

​​Running a business is hard enough, knowing what to do and how to do it is much better than trial and error.

​Your Tools

​Information is everything but shouldn't take over your life. Processes, software and a plan can ​bring it back in focus.

​Here are the most important and popular articles I have ​published to help you run your business like a well oiled machine with less stress and more time to spend on your business rather than in your business.

The humble “To Do” list.
Normally scribbles on a scrap of paper or a handful of post-it notes on your wall or desk. However, real To Do lists are one of the most powerful tools for modern life. A bold claim but read on to find out why and how.

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Why do we “put-off” or delay the jobs we know we need to get done?
How can we overcome the overwhelm of a big list of things to do or a job we “know” will take a long time?
Here are two scenarios you probably face all the time, and how to get them done.

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In today’s world of connected everything and all online, it seems every website wants you to register and create a password.
SO to help keep you secure online, here are 3 simple tips to creating secure and easy to remember passwords

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