​​Website advice for Small Business Owners

​General bite-size information, advice and tips for ​optimising your website.

​Looking for easy to digest and actionable advice on ​getting your website working for you? All the tips that no-one ever told you about ​getting your website running smoothly and take a bit of the pressure off your shoulders.

​​Your Customers

​Converting customers, keeping customers, getting more from you customers and having them sell for you

​Your Business

​​Running a business is hard enough, knowing what to do and how to do it is much better than trial and error.

​Your Tools

​Information is everything but shouldn't take over your life. Processes, software and a plan can ​bring it back in focus.

​Here are the most important and popular articles I have ​published to help you ​optimise your website and fix  any leaky holes where customers are slipping through the cracks..

When designing a website, the design is often influenced by photos and images. Having good images on your website is very important as the quality of your images reflect on the quality of your brand. However, not all images have to be professional photos and with a modern phone, you can take great photos that

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